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“Volcanic Risks” 

International Workshop on NATURAL HAZARDS


The Regional Laboratory of Civil Engineering – LREC, announces the International Workshop on NATURAL HAZARDS - NatHaz22 under the theme “Volcanic Risks” to be held in Angra do Heroísmo, in Terceira island (Azores), on the 26th and 27th of May 2022.
The Workshop will offer a good opportunity for a forum on several issues related with natural hazards, particularly about volcanic risks and hazards, in this third edition.
Due to its tectonic and volcanic environment, the Azores region is affected by most of all natural hazards, namely, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, floods, costal erosion, etc. So, it is the perfect place where professionals in those areas can discuss those problems. It will also be a great opportunity to closely contact the local reality, in what concerns the natural risks that can affect that island and to visit several peculiar geological/volcanological aspects.
It will also provide an excellent occasion to enjoy the beautiful landscape of Terceira Island. The beauty given by the volcanic nature of Azores islands, its geographical, cultural and gastronomical specificities and the hospitality of the Azorean people, may also be a good justification for combining the technical and scientific interest with the touristic aspects.
Terceira is a volcanic island, which includes five main volcanic systems: Cinco Picos, Pico Alto, Guilherme Moniz and Santa Barbara volcanoes and a fissural zone defined by various alignments of small volcanic cones, lava domes and geological faults. The agricultural landscape, the natural and forest reserve, as well as the natural pools makes the island a very unique place to visit. The historic center of Angra do Heroísmo, is also listed as a UNESCO world heritage. Numerous buildings are a witness of the island history. 


Springer ASTI Series

We are pleased to announce that all the peer reviewed proceedings presented at the workshop will be published in a special volume of the Springer ASTI series (Advances in Natural Hazards and Volcanic Risks: Shaping a Sustainable Future - Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Natural Hazards (NATHAZ22), Terceira Island - Azores 2022).


25 may 2022                           

Check in

10:00 - 12:00
and 16:00 - 17:00

26 may 2022                           

Check in and plenary sessions

08h30 - Last minute check in
09h00 - Opening Ceremony
09h15 - Keynote Lecture 1
10h00 - Special Session
10h45 - Coffee break
11h15 - Session 1
12h30 - Keynote Lecture 2
13h15 - Lunch
14h30 - Session 2
15h45 - Keynote Lecture 3
16h30 - Coffee break
17h00 - Session 3
17h45 - Keynote Lecture 4
18h30 - Closing Ceremony

27 may 2022                         

Field Trips

Field Trip 1
Coordinator: João Carlos Nunes

Field Trip 2
Coordinator: Adriano Pimentel 

Get to know our keynote speakers

David Chester, UK

Gordon Woo, UK

Joan Marti, Spain

Silvia Peppoloni, Italy

Workshop Secretariat

Laboratório Regional de Engenharia Civil
Rua de S. Gonçalo s/n
9500-343, Ponta Delgada


Helena Brasil
Phone: +351 296301500/75
Fax: +351 296654109

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